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Value Proposition

(How we differ from most other property managers.)

Mutual Goals.  We initially meet with the owner at the property to establish mutual goals.  We strive to exceed our owners’ expectations.

Quality Tenants.  We market the properties we manage effectively.  We carefully screen potential tenants to verify that each tenant meets our criteria for a successful, on-time-rent paying tenant.

Eyes Open.  We visit and inspect the property at least twice each year, and more frequently if there are red flags or particular owner concerns.  We are on the alert for signs of illegal activity.

Technology.  We use state of the art software to assure efficient and secure communication and financial transactions with our owners, tenants and vendors.

Repairs.  We use skilled, licensed repair and maintenance contractors on an “as needed” basis.  We have valuable relationships with vendors that are experienced, responsive to our requests and reasonably priced.

Communication.  We communicate effectively with our owners, tenants and vendors.

Managers only. We are property managers.  We do not buy and sell real estate.  We leave that to professionals engaged in that business.  Hence, we have no conflicts of interest.

Residential Rentals.  We focus on residential rental property.  We do not handle HOAs, commercial properties, or apartments larger than 75 units.  We specialize in what we know best.

Respect for your Property.  We are owners of property and will treat our Owner properties like our own. We expect the tenants to do so too.  We will not tolerate tenants that do not comply with our lease terms requiring tenants to care of the property.